Dog Daycare


At McDonald’s Kennels we offer limited day care services on a first come first served basis. Our day care services are designed to allow owners to drop off dogs for the day.

We do not provide dog day care which involves co-mingling. At home your dog is a member of your pack, and they have a position within that pack. When you bring your dog into a co-mingling day care situation, however, you are introducing them to a new pack with unfamiliar members. Most dogs will instinctively seek to understand their position in the new pack. Our decision not to allow dogs from different families to interact is made to ensure the safety of your dog.


You may drop off your dog any time after 8:30 AM Monday through Saturday, when we open. We can be flexible with your schedule. For the safety of your dog, your dog MUST be on a leash when you arrive at the kennel. You may pick up your dog the same day by the time we close at 5:30 PM Monday through Friday, 1:00 PM Saturday.

DaycareFrom drop off to same day’s closing time$18

We are pleased to offer the following discount:

  • 10% Military Discount on all our services to active-duty personnel and retired veterans. Please be prepared to provide a picture identification.


To assist in our efforts to keep your dog healthy during their stay with us, we require dogs who are with us for day care to be vaccinated against the following canine diseases:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Distemper/Parvo (DAPP or DHPP)

You may bring in vaccination records when you drop off your dog, or you may have your veterinarian fax the records to our reception desk at 360-697-2264 or email the records to

Accommodations and Amenities:


The kennel in which your dog stays is exclusive to your dog. It has an indoor portion for resting, as well as an attached completely covered outdoor portion for running and for getting a drink of water.


We provide bedding and blankets for dogs who are with us for day care. You are also welcome to bring bedding from home.


You may specify that we feed your dog during a day care stay. We will feed to your instructions. We recommend that you keep your dog’s diet consistent and bring food from home, but we can also provide our kennel food (see Dog Boarding) if needed.

Treats and Toys:

We will be happy to give your dog treats brought from home on any schedule you specify. The only treats we do NOT allow are rawhide treats or chews as they can be a choking hazard. Toys are welcome.

A la Carte Services:

You may add any of our a la carte services in addition to your dog’s day care stay. A few popular services are:

  • Walk or Playtime, 10 to 20 minutes – $7.00
  • Wash & Dry or Detailed Bath – $25.00 to $38.00