Dog Daycare


At McDonald’s Kennels we offer limited dog daycare service on a first come – first serve basis. Our daycare services are designed to allow owners to drop off pets for the day. Daycare services can begin in the morning (we can be flexible with your schedule) and daycare dogs need to be picked by closing at 5:30 PM.

We do not allow co-mingling daycare at McDonald’s Kennels. Our decision to not allow dogs from different families to directly interact is designed to insure the safety of your pet at all times. Canine behaviors naturally falls into a hierarchical organization through which dogs see the world. Dogs are pack animals and within a pack there is a dominant and submissive spectrum where each pack members has a position. At home your dog is a member of your pack and they have a position in the pack. In a healthy familial relationship with a canine, humans are dominant leaders, and the canine submits. In families with multiple dogs, one dog will be more dominant than the other dogs. This positional dynamic within the pack is a normal part of canine behavior and dominance between dogs can change over time.

When you bring your dog into a co-mingling daycare situation you are introducing them to a new pack with unfamiliar members. In these situations dogs will instinctively find a new leadership spectrum to understand their position in the new pack. This need to find who is dominant nearly always manifests itself in aggressive behavior. In short, in co-mingling daycare someone’s dog usually ends up biting or getting bit.

At McDonald’s Kennels your dog, or dogs, will be in their own daycare run separated from other dogs by a chain in fence. They can interact with dogs adjacent to them, but they will not be together. In this way, we insure that your dog will be safe and healthy during their stay with us.

We offer two types of daycare service. We have a small number of outside only runs where your dog can stay outside all day in an enclosed gravel run, known as Yard Daycare. Most of these runs are open to the elements and your pet can get wet if it rains. On days when we have inclement weather, or you would like them to be inside out of the elements, we provide Kennel Daycare. Your dog will stay in a normal kennel with access to the heated interior and covered outside run.


Service Description Rate
Yard Daycare 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM in 1 of 5 yards $10/day
Kennel Daycare 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM in an indoor/outdoor kennel $15/day
You may add any of our a la carte services in addition to your dog’s daycare stay.
A few popular services are:
Walk or Playtime (10 to 20 minutes) $5
Wash & Dry or Detailed Bath $20-$32


To assist in our efforts to keep your dog healthy and happy during their stay with us, we require dogs to be vaccinated against the following canine diseases:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Distemper/Parvo (DAPP)

You may bring in vaccination records when you drop off your dog or you may have your veterinarian fax the records to our office at 360-697-2264 or they may email the records to



We provide bedding and blankets for dogs in daycare. You are also welcome to bring bedding from home.

Food & Water:

Your pet will get a bucket of fresh water daily while in daycare. You may also specify that your dogs is fed during a daycare stay. We will feed to your specifications using our kennel food (see Boarding) or you may also bring food from home.