Dog Boarding


Selecting the right dog kennel to care for your pet is a matter of trust. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to provide your pet with exceptional care while you’re gone. Our spacious facility features all the comforts of home. From meals, to sleeping arrangements, to bed time treats, your pet may enjoy your time away more than you do.

McDonald’s Kennels is organized into three separate kenneling areas based on dog size. We have found that sometimes placing large and small dogs near one another can be intimidating. So we try to keep like sized dogs in a kennel area. Each kennel area has individual runs with an inside portion for sleeping and resting, and an outside run area where they have an area to run around and get water.

While at McDonald’s Kennels your dog’s day begins at 7:00AM when we let all our guest out into their own outside run. Next, we feed dogs who have a breakfast meal. After a mid-morning rest, your dog comes inside and we clean each of the outside runs and once the runs are dry, we let the dogs back outside. Afternoons are spent resting, walking or playing in the big yard depending on your instructions. McDonald’s Kennels is a large facility and staff are constantly coming in and out of the kennels checking on and interacting with our guests. Dinner feeding begins around 5PM. Between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM all dogs are brought into the indoor portion of their kennels to settle down for the night.


Our dog boarding services for an overnight stay are based on the weight of the dog. You may drop off your dog any time after 8:30 AM and you must pick up by 10:00 AM on the day of check out or you will be assessed another days boarding fee. We also offer several a la carte services which you may add:

Weight Service Description Rate
1-35 lbs Small Boarding From drop-off to 10 AM next day $19
36-85 lbs Medium Boarding From drop-off to 10 AM next day $21
86+ lbs Large Boarding From drop-off to 10 AM next day $24
Individual Walks 10-20 minutes $5/walk
Individual Playtime 20 minutes $5/session
Medications Up to 3 medications/dose $2/dose
Multiple Medications 4+ medications/dose $4/dose


To assist in our efforts to keep your dog healthy and happy during their stay with us, we require dogs to be vaccinated against the following canine diseases:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Distemper/Parvo (DAPP)

You may bring in vaccination records when you drop off your dog or you may have your veterinarian fax the records to our office at 360-697-2264 or they may email the records to

Accommodations & Amenities:

We try hard to make boarding your dog easy. We provide beds, blankets, bowls and food. However, if you desire your pet to have his blanket, bed, or toys from home, you are welcome to bring them for your dog’s stay. The only toys we do NOT allow are rawhide toys because they are a choking hazard. If you would like to keep your pet’s diet consistent, you are welcome to bring your own food. We will feed your dog per your instructions.


At McDonald’s Kennels all of our kennels have a semi-private, heated, indoor portion where your pet can rest during the day and sleep during the night, and an outside enclosed area where they can stretch their legs and visit with their neighbors separated by chain link fencing. Our kennel dimensions provide flexibility for our boarding needs:

Kennel Size Indoor Run Outdoor Run
Width Length Height Width Length Height
Small 3′ 4″ 3′ 4′ 3′ 4″ 10′ 6′ 6″
Medium Building A 4′ 4′ 4′ 4′ 14′ 6′ 6″
Medium Building B 3′ 4′ 6′ 6″ 3′ 14′ 6′ 6″
Large 4′ 4′ 6′ 6″ 4′ 14′ 6′ 6″

We do allow multiple dogs from the same family in the same run. We can separate dogs for feeding if necessary.


We are happy to provide bedding for your dog during their stay at McDonald’s Kennels. Our bedding is cleaned and bleached after each use. You may bring a bed from home as long as it will fits comfortably in their kennel. When your dog comes to a kennel they are entering new territory and that can be stressful. One way dogs try to alleviate stress is to mark their new territory to claim it as their own. Dogs will eliminate on their possessions and it is not unusual for a dog to do this even on items that have been brought from home. When this happens we will wash and dry the items as long as we can get them in our washing machine. If the item cannot be washed we will remove the item from the kennel and return it to you.


We recommend that you keep your dog’s diet consistent by bringing their food from home. We will feed to your instructions. The advantage of keeping diet consistent is it removes one more stressor from your dog’s environment. The modern canine diet is usually a single brand or type of food with very little variation. Changing that diet often causes digestive adjustments which usually manifest as a brief period of diarrhea. We see that after two or three days of a change of diet dogs become accustomed to their new food. However, when they return home and are switched back to their own food, they have to go through a digestive adjustment again. Nutra-Nuggets Lamb & RiceFor this reason, a consistent diet may be easier on both you and your pet.

However, if you are unable to bring food from home, we will gladly provide food. Our house dog kennel food is Nutra-Nugget Lamb and Rice, a medium kibble dry food. It is gentle on the stomach and most dogs adjust to it quickly.

Treats & Toys

McDonald’s Kennels will gladly give your dog treats brought from home on any schedule you specify. We do not allow raw-hide treats as they are a choking hazard. Toys are welcome as well.


We have extensive experience providing your dog any medications or supplements provided and directed by you. We charge a nominal fee of $2.00 per dose for three or fewer different medications. If there are four or more medications we charge $4.00 per dose. We have administered pills, liquid drops, ointments, eye drops, and subcutaneous injections.

Special Needs

We will accommodate your dog’s special needs, be they behavioral, age related, or aggression issues. With older dogs we can support them with carpeted kennels, cushioned beds. We can isolate animals in heat away from other dogs. With animal aggression issues we can take precautions to separate your pet from other dogs and put them in a quiet part of the kennel. With aggressive behaviors toward humans we can take precautions to keep your dog calm and our staff safe. We do not ban any breed from boarding with us and have extensive experience handling all types of dogs.