Weight Service Description Rate
1-35 lbs Small Boarding From drop-off to 10 AM next day $19
36-85 lbs Medium Boarding From drop-off to 10 AM next day $21
86+ lbs Large Boarding From drop-off to 10 AM next day $24
Individual Walks 10-20 minutes $5/walk
Individual Playtime 20 minutes $5/session
Medications Up to 3 medications/dose $2/dose
Multiple Medications 4+ medications/dose $4/dose
Service Description Rate
Yard Daycare 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM in 1 of 5 yards $10/day
Kennel Daycare 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM in an indoor/outdoor kennel $15/day
You may add any of our a la carte services in addition to your dog’s daycare stay.
A few popular services are:
Walk or Playtime (10 to 20 minutes) $5
Wash & Dry or Detailed Bath $20-$32
Grooming rates vary depending on the dog’s coat condition and temperament but the following is a general guide to prices:

Service Description Rate
Wash & Dry Shampoo, Conditioning, Drying $20
Detailed Bath Wash & Dry, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Nail Clipping $28-$38
Grooming Detailed Bath and Coat Trim or Cutting $45-$85
Shavedown Removing nearly all of the coat $55-$65
Teeth Brushing $5-$10
Nail Clipping $5-$15
Hygiene Cut $5
Medicated Shampoo $5
Oatmeal Shampoo $5
Flea Shampoo $5
Brush Out $10-$20
Dematting $10-$20
Service Description Rate
Cat Boarding From drop off to 10 AM next day $14
Medications Up to 3 medications per dose $2/dose
Multiple Medications 4+ medications per dose $4/dose
Cat Brushing If allowed by cat, 10-20 minutes $5/session